Tree Pruning Services

Trees require regular maintenance to ensure we can all enjoy their many benefits. If your trees are too tall, suffering from pests, disease, decay, blocking light, causing damage or any other issue I can assess your needs and provide the ideal service to maximise the enjoyment of your tree for years to come.

Crown Reduction:
Pruning to reduce the height and spread of the crown. Pruning will be done to a suitable growth point (branch) which will become the new leader.

Crown Reduction

Crown Thinning:
This is primarily done to broadleaf trees where the canopy has become too dense. It is good practice to restrict the thinning to 30% of the canopy, or less, to ensure that the tree remains in good health. This is a good technique to allow light into your garden without changing the shape or structure of the tree.

Crown Thinning

Crown Raising:
Pruning of lower branches to improve form and increase ground clearance.

Crown Raising

This technique is not suitable for all species. Some species of tree respond well, and others do not. Pollarding is pruning to a desired height but not to a growth point. This will encourage multi-stemmed re-growth. The negative aspect of this technique is that repeat work will have to be done every five to ten years to maintain the tree, always pruning to the initial pollarded point.


Dead Wooding:
As trees age, it is natural for some limbs and branches to die. The purpose of dead wooding is to remove the dead, dying and diseased branches throughout the crown.

Hedge Cutting

If your hedge is too big or untidy I can vastly improve your property by professionally cutting it to match your requirements. We have all the equipment needed to achieve the perfect lines and levels every time.


After felling/pruning

We can woodchip all branches on site. Woodchip can be used to make paths or put on flower beds as a mulch to stop the growth of weeds. Alternatively, we offer the complete removal of branches and logs from your site or crosscutting them to be used as firewood. Stump removal and grinding services are available. If the site is such that a stump grinder cannot gain access the stump can be killed using ecoplugs. This is more relevant where the species is a broad-leafed one as it may coppice and produce new growth when a conifer would not. The site will be left safe, clean and tidy.


24 Hour Emergency Call Out

Sometimes you may need a tree surgeon at an unusual/unsociable time, HLTree Services offer 24/7 services. This includes tree cutting, tree removal, tree surgery and much more. This service is available across Fife, Dundee, and Perth.

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Tree Felling Fife

Tree Surgery, Felling & Clearance Fife

No tree is too big, awkward, or unsafe. All services are performed by professional tree surgeons at the highest possible standard.

Tree Pruning Fife

Tree Pruning & Hedge Cutting Fife

Our tree surgeons offer tree maintenance assessment services to maximise the enjoyment and health of your tree for years to come.

Tree Survey Fife

Tree Surveys & Planting Fife

Professional tree surveys and inspections and planting services with aftercare to ensure lifelong healthy trees. Contact a tree surgeon today.

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